Monday, October 19, 2009

Time sure does fly by...

Ok, someone please tell me where the time has gone. I decided to take a little break from stamping and low &'s October already!!! My daughter just turned 1! How??? Here's the little munchkin with her first cupcake.

Well, I am dipping my foot back in the stamping pool. I just got them wet on Sunday when I stamped my daughter's thank you cards. I was so out of the game, I couldn't remember the measurement of a card! lol. (not to mention, I made all 10 cards and mailed them out without scanning one in first!!!!). Oh well. I will be back VERY soon with some more creations. Until then, take care!

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Michelle B said...

We had fun at G's party! I had a blast stamping with you Sunday. I am so glad we are getting back into it.